You Only Live Once In Life                                                   

 So Lets Make Sure We Have A Lot More Of Those                                  

Body Quivering Orgasms that put us in that state of Ecstasy !!!                          


Sex is a lot of fun for everyone,  but it is even more fun when we achieve those orgasms that are so great that it changes how we feel.  We want to create more body quivering orgasms that spark your soul & put a smile on your face for the entire day!!!

Our research shows the best way to create more great orgasms is:

  • EXCITEMENT - anticipation and enjoyment of having great sex
  • MENTAL STATE - your mind and body are aroused & focus on sex 
  • STIMULATION - communication of what feels great & continual stimulation of a women's clitoris or g spot with a Sex Toy that truly delivers. Research shows MOST WOMEN WILL NOT HAVE A SPECTACULAR ORGASM WITH OUT A GREAT PLAY TOY !!! 

 Here are our Top 5 Orgasmic play toys   Each one is a 5 star performer that will truly deliverAfter researching hundreds of sex toys in terms of  orgasmic satisfaction and quality, here is the best of the best.  For when it comes to play time we want toys that truly deliver those earthshaking, weak-at-the-knees, wowzer, O, OO O, ORGASMS !!!! 

       Lelo Mona Vibrator        Photo of mona 

            Link to product   Sex Toys at Babeland

The Mercedes of Vibrators -  One of the best pieces of advice we are all given is "you get what you pay for". The Mona is by far the best vibrator. With 6 different speeds this vibrator makes me 'go' more times than I can count. It has become my all time favorite vibrator and I find it hard to put down. It works great for my own personal pleasure or when we have sex. This vibrator hits all the right spots and it will not disappoint!!

     Jimmyjane Form 3          

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JimmyJane Form 3, a much-anticipated clit vibrator that's among the most exciting we've seen. A slim, curved profile flexes to meet your body; press in the center, and the soft, silicone Touchpad extends so that you can focus the vibration exactly where it counts. Or bend the edges together to pinch, caress, and vibrate wherever you like! Intuitive controls take you through four vibration modes and five power levels, while a simple recharging system keeps you ready to go at all times.

   Mystic Wand Massager          

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Must have for any collection-Does the job! It's hard to imagine the bestselling Mystic Wand getting even better, but now it's available as the Rechargeable Mystic Wand! This pretty pink workhorse is powerful, trusty, and versatile — its flexible neck, six super-powerful vibration functions (three speeds, three pulses), and skin-safe, splashproof body make it an obvious choice for your toy chest.  A light indicates battery life and vibration mode for your convenience. Comes with a simple storage bag to keep things neat and discreet. Try adding the  Mystic Wand Attachment for added G-spot stimulation, or stretch a soft textured Tenga Egg over the head for a different sensation!    Best investment ever-Great tool for multiple uses.


    We – Vibe II             

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Best Hands Free Toy Ever !!!   -  To quote one lady, "This thing is o,o,o dangerous!!!" Every home should have one, and it can be used alone or with a partner.  The We-Vibe is designed to sit half inside and outside of the vagina.  The thinner prong nestles up against the G-spot, leaving plenty of room for penile penetration, while the fatter prong which houses the controls curls up against the clitoris.  Before inserting make sure you have plenty of lube to make things slide against the thinner prong.  If used with a partner it is wowzzer when your on the edge of the bed and him in a standing position, and doggie style is were the we-vibe earns its premium price with a partner. Then again if you just want more hand free orgasms this is the winning O toy!!!  With it in place you hit both spots producing an orgasm that keeps you wanting and hopefully producing multiple orgasms.  Rechargeable, and easy to travel with.  O, O, & O's               Clitoral & G-Spot Vibrator    Worn While You Make Love     

   Elastomer Jack Rabbit        

                            Link to Product  Sex Toys at Babeland 

Best Rabbit - These little toys are great for vibration inside of of your vagina and on your clitoris.  The box says powerful and they mean it.  If you like the feeling of it being inside you, then this one delivers.  Once you learn how to use it, the jack rabbit will be your best friend and the cost of replacement batteries is well worth the results.


Remember, we are all different and you will have to play with these toys to find the best way for you to achieve those great orgasms and eventually multiple orgasms that put us in that state of internal bliss and ecstasy.  So take the time to learn how best to use your toy and lets see how long you keep smiling!!!


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